Ace the PANCE Exam with the help of PA Easy

A student studying in the Bay Shore Library
Studying at the Bay Shore Library

Certification exams loom over most students enrolled at the Touro College School of Health Sciences.  These exams are an inevitable part of the medical field and are often regarded as terrifying by students and professors alike.  The best way to rise above the chatter and to take on these exams head on is preparation.  Touro College Libraries are here to help!  We maintain a large collection of review materials including books, ebooks and databases.

PA Easy is a web based, interactive, PANCE exam prep platform available to Touro College PA students.  In order to begin using this program, students must first create an account – follow the instructions on the PANCE Review LibGuide.  Once an account is created, the exam review program can be accessed from any computer or tablet, virtually anywhere.

The benefit of this exam prep platform is adaptability.  Each time you login, you can take advantage of the different functionalities of the platform. You can tailor your study plan based on your specific schedule as well as select questions based on areas you believe you need more work in.  Once you have completed a few questions, you can then render diagnostic reports and track your progress, make note of content areas you would like to improve on, and pat yourself on the back for areas in which you excelled!

These results help focus your study efforts, to make the best use of your study time. Because let’s face it, time is of the essence!

Here at the Bay Shore Campus, we are always looking for feedback from students in regards to which study aids worked the best for them and why. Please let us know if you have any recommendations for resources that have helped during your exam prep, and be sure to check out the PANCE Exam Resources LibGuide that includes a list of review books and materials available at Touro College campus Libraries.

Contributed by: Rachel Oleaga, Librarian, Bay Shore

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