2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey 2: Addressing Your Concerns

Feedback is the key to improvement

Everybody likes good news, so we were pleased to hear about some the things that you found most helpful about the library. Here are some of the answers to the question “What do you like about the library?

The Library is a productive environment for me to focus on my work and accomplish what needs to be done.

Your effort in aiding our students attaining their academic goals.

Ease of online access, helpful librarians, and extensive databases.

I like being able to do all of my research through the online library while knowing my sources are credible.

Accessibility and on-site librarian present at convenient operating hours.

Praise is all well and good of course, but it’s the (hopefully constructive) criticism that really is the most valuable. Although we regret that some of you have encountered difficulties in using the library, knowing where problems arise will help us to improve our services. While we will continue to use this information to shape future initiatives, I’d like to take the opportunity to address some of your concerns here.

I’m an occupational therapist and I don’t even have access to the American Journal for Occupational Therapy without going to the librarian.

The library does indeed offer access to the American Journal for Occupational Therapy, but it was admittedly a little tricky to locate. Thanks to your input, we’ve remedied the situation. You can now search for it under e-journals on the library website either by its full title or the acronym AJOT.  From there you should see series of links that will allow you to access its articles from 1980 to 2016 in full-text. Even if you’re not interested in OT, the eJournals page will allow you to search for any periodical publication by title to see if and where the library provides access to it.

I would prefer a much larger ebook selection.

Touro libraries have about 350,000 ebooks, which seems like a pretty large collection to me!  If you’re having trouble finding what you need, the best way to search for ebooks is through the library catalog rather than the individual ebook databases, since you’ll be searching our full collection all at once. However, our ebook collection does not generally include textbooks. Since they change and become out of date so quickly, most academic libraries focus on providing research resources rather than textbooks.

The online is a challenge to use.  i find myself avoiding it when i can.

The library website has been recently redesigned. We hope that it is more user-friendly now, but if anybody has specific comments or concerns, please let us know!

I only use the library online and wish it were easier to get to open article linker etc.

Yes, I wish that, too. If the issue is that Touro does not have access when you click the Article Linker icon (), you can always request an article through ILL. It takes a bit of time, but we can always obtain a free-to-you copy of any article that you need. Occasionally, the full-text links in Article Linker or QuickSearch are broken. We apologize for the inconvenience, but often this issue can be resolved by looking up the article by publication name with the eJournal search, or asking a librarian to track it down.

Digging through peer reviewed publications when the exact title isn’t coming up on the quick search

If you type in the exact title of a journal or article, QuickSearch usually finds it. Putting quotation marks around the title will ensure that it is searched exactly as you have entered it. If it doesn’t come up, it might mean that we don’t own that particular journal or article.  And yes, doing research means a little bit of digging through different resources and being ready to spend some time on working through the many resources.  Keep in mind, we have an instant messaging service on our website, so if you are frustrated with your search, you can get instant guidance from a librarian.

I need a required reading but EBSCO says I don’t have authorized access I am so sick of this lack of access to what I need!

In order to access articles on EBSCO when you are off campus, you need to have a username and password.  If you get a message that you don’t have authorized access, it is probably because you landed on the publisher’s page which you found through Google. When you are off campus, you need prove that you are a Touro student to gain access to subscription content.  Here is a short tutorial on how to create an off-campus username and password.

A less frustrating search method would be going to the library databases on the library website. You will automatically be prompted for a  username and password (if you are away from campus) and be granted access to EBSCO to hopefully find your required reading.

It is also frustrating to find an article that would seem perfect for research and then realize that there is no way to access the article without going to another site and paying for it.

Never pay for an article! This is why we have librarians to help you find the article you need via the library databases or help you get it through another library for free. This service is called Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

I hate that the online library pulls up information for sources that are not available to review or use. What’s the point of having it posted for students to waste their time reading over if there is no format to read the article available? It’s just a waste of space and useless for the students???????

Many students are understandably frustrated when they encounter databases that are not entirely full-text. This can seem useless and illogical when you just need a few articles on your topic for a paper. While I certainly feel your pain when it comes to spying the perfect-sounding title only to encounter a “Sorry, this item is not available online” message, it’s important to understand the larger purpose of academic databases. These databases are also used by graduate students, faculty members, and other professional researchers, who often aren’t looking for a couple good articles, but rather every single article ever written on their topic. When you’re doing this kind of exhaustive searching, it’s important to know that an article exists, even if licensing and other publishing industry issues prevent a database from providing the full text.

For more info on these and other common issues, check out our answers to other Frequently Asked Questions. We want you to have the best possible experience using Touro libraries, so don’t hesitate to ask a librarian or provide feedback if something isn’t working the way that you expect or you can’t find what you need.


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