The Right Answer: Library Staff Meeting Winter 2016

Searching for answers (CC0 image)

Author Neil Gaiman said, “Google can bring you back 100,00 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.” This was the theme of the Library Staff Development Day on January 21st.

New staff members and promotions were announced. David Levy was promoted to Chief Librarian at the Lander College for Women, and Joan Wagner moved from the Lander College for Men to become the new Chief Librarian at Bay Shore. Also at Bay Shore, Assistant Librarian Rachel Oleaga learned for the first time during the meeting that she had been approved to begin working full-time. Since our last meeting, we have also welcomed three new library team members on board: Kirk Snyder, Librarian at Midwood, Yeshaya Metal, Librarian at Lander College for Men, and Valerie Shrager, Library Assistant at Midtown.


Lane Rasberry discussed the use of Wikipedia as a source of health information with a cat-themed PowerPoint.

For our guest speaker, the library staff was treated to a fascinating discussion concerning the role of Wikipedia in the Health Sciences by Lane Rasberry, known as the Wikipedian in Residence for Consumer Reports. Lane emphasized the careful attention that Wikipedia  demands in Health Science entries and Wikipedia’s strict policy on providing accurate sources, preferably from scholarly review papers, for all facts included in their articles. He encouraged the library staff to emphasize the references with students when discussing Wikipedia. While Wikipedia is certainly not without its inaccuracies, it is the number one most-consulted source of health information online, so it’s in all our best interests to continue to work towards improving the quality of articles and to develop the skills necessary to investigate and evaluate for ourselves the information it provides. His lecture was followed by a lively round of questions.

You can spy a sneak peek of the new library homepage as Chelsea DeGlopper pauses for questions

Shortly, the library will be rolling out its new and exciting website redesign.  Chelsea DeGlopper, Instructional Design Librarian, and Liping Ren, Systems Manager, collaborated with other library staff members to  produce a user-friendly and up-to-date library web page. Look for more information on the process and the unveiling of the live website over the next few weeks.

Rachel Oleaga, Laurel Scheinfeld, and Kimberly Flood presenting the results of Bay Shore's 3D printer project
Rachel Oleaga, Laurel Scheinfeld, and Katie Flood presenting the results of Bay Shore’s 3D printer project

The staff at the Bay Shore library (Joan Wagner, Chief Librarian; Laurel Scheinfeld, Librarian; Rachel Oleaga, Assistant Librarian; and Katie Flood, Library Assistant) recently received the 3D printer that was purchased via a grant that they won over the summer.  After training, they were ready to start creating.  They have worked diligently with the Occupational Therapy department, whose students have created and printed some fascinating devices to aid their clients with such tasks as opening a door, drinking with a straw, and holding a cup. We were all captured by the versatility of the machine and the creativeness of the students.  Many thanks to the Bay Shore staff for the presentation. We all look forward to visiting and using the 3D printer.

Carrie Levinson presenting the mock-up for the new Touro Scholar digital respository
Carrie Levinson presenting the mock-up for the new Touro Scholar digital respository

Carrie Levinson gave a presentation introducing Touro Scholar, our upcoming online institutional repository.  It is designed to showcase the scholarship coming out of the Touro College and University System, with the ability to download articles, data, and other materials, be searchable on sites such as Google, and offer statistics for the materials contained within the repository. Having the contents of the repository indexed by search engines means that more people will find Touro faculty members’ works, which will increase prestige and encourage idea-sharing and collaboration on a wider scale.

Dora Isakova, Boris Kocherga, and Carol Schapiro smile for the camera during lunch
Dora Isakova, Boris Kocherga, and Carol Schapiro smile for the camera during lunch

Library Development Day allows the library staff from all of the Touro College libraries including NY Medical College, The Osteopathic School of Medicine in Harlem and Middletown, and Touro University in Nevada and California, to share ideas and greet each other in person.

View more photos from the day on Touro Libraries’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

Contributed by: Ms. Bashe Simon, Director of Libraries

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