Embedded Librarians: Research Help On Demand

Traditional library instruction vs. Embedded library instruction
Traditional library instruction vs. Embedded library instruction

The Embedded Librarian program is a growing service offered by the Touro College Libraries. Like embedded journalists who travel straight to the heart of the action, embedded librarians meet students at the point of need during the learning process, wherever they are. Particularly helpful in online courses, a dedicated librarian is matched with each participating class to provide assistance at targeted points throughout the semester.

Embedded Librarianship is:

Collaborative. Embedded librarianship promotes collaboration between instructors and librarians; with knowledge of the assignments, librarians are much better prepared to help students both individually and as a class. Increased contact over a traditional one-shot class also builds better relationships and encourages students to take advantage of librarians’ help.

Customized. Fitting library instruction to the specific, immediate needs of students means that each session is unique and relevant. Experience shows that students are more engaged and retain more when the skills they’re learning meet a felt need and are immediately applicable. Librarians can assist as much or as little as the faculty member and students desire.

Convenient. Each course has a dedicated librarian who acts as your go-to resource for assistance throughout the semester. The embedded librarian will work with your schedule and is available to meet with your class virtually or in person, as well as answer questions and provide one-on-one assistance.

Blackboard discussion forum hosted by an embedded librarian
Blackboard discussion forum hosted by an embedded librarian

Involvement of the embedded librarian falls on a spectrum, according to the faculty member’s needs and class assignments. He or she can work entirely online or hold an optional in-person session(s). Types of assistance range from posting the librarian’s contact info and select resources, to custom video tutorials, webinars, or live classes. Contact your campus library to get started. 

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