(Not so) Lazy Sunday


(CC0 image by Shannon McGee)
(CC0 image by Shannon McGee)

The New Year is upon us!  No doubt your expectations are high for this new beginning, and your resolutions list includes life changes to promote healthy and productive habits.

Do any of your resolutions include spending a bit more time reading? Avoiding procrastination and studying earlier or working on assignments earlier than the night before they’re due?  Staying organized?

If any of these resolutions sound familiar, I have a bit of advice for you… take advantage of Sundays at the Library!

Sundays at the Bay Shore Library, along with many other campus libraries, are the quietest day of the week.  Resources abound and seats are relatively empty, creating the ideal environment to focus and hit the books.


If you can’t make it to the library but still want to take advantage of Sunday down time, you can always access Touro College Library’s electronic resources from anywhere – be sure to register for off campus access here.  Take advantage of the Ask-A-Librarian chat (accessible from the library homepage) and consult with a Librarian from anywhere!

Carving out a few hours before the beginning of your hectic week, in between football games, or after a relaxing breakfast, will allow you to enter the week with a sense of accomplishment and relief!

Hours at each campus library vary; see your campus library hours here.

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and productive 2016!

Contributed by: Rachel Oleaga, Assistant Librarian, Bay Shore

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