Tick-Tock Day

Time, the most valuable commodity
Time, the most valuable commodity

With just three days left in the secular year, today has been designated Tick-Tock Day. Like most of the plethora of third-tier holidays (dictionary day, anyone?), it’s a bit silly, but I still rather like the idea behind it. The premise is that this can be a designated time to wrap up any lingering projects, or perhaps a last year’s resolution that may have fallen by the wayside, before the year is out, to better get a fresh start when the clock ticks over to January 1, 2016.

While I do tend to agree with the camp that says if you want to accomplish something or make a change, start now rather than wait for an arbitrary date to begin. Waiting can tend to breed excuses. And yet, there is something special and undeniably appealing about that liminal moment between one year and the next, people all across the world (or in your time zone at any rate) joined together in celebration of the same thing. It gives that particular new day a certain gravitas that’s hard to replicated on the other 364. So it makes sense to seize that moment, however ephemeral, of rejuvenation to begin anew, unencumbered (but not uninformed) by what has come before.

Beyond the nominal resolutions that we all make, which rarely yield significant progress, the real value in this time of year is as an occasion for contemplation. Particularly if you’re not someone who is inclined to introspection, setting aside some time to consider deeply what you’ve accomplished and learned and failed at, and why, over the last year, and what you want your goals and priorities to be over the next, is important. It’s only once you’ve identified what you most value that you can apportion your resources – time, energy, and money – to align with and support your true goals. It’s only the first step along an often difficult path, of course, but it’s an essential one.

So set big lofty goals that will challenge and excite you, or important, achievable plans that will propel you forward, but whether you fail or succeed, the most important thing is what you learn from the process. Consider this a reminder to take advantage of this week and its heightened sense of possibility to reflect on your progress, assess, readjust, and become reinvigorated for your future endeavors. Best wishes for health, optimism, and accomplishment in the new year.


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