Semi-Annual Library Staff Meeting

On June 29th, 2015, the staff of Touro College Libraries met at our lovely Kings Highway campus in Brooklyn for our Summer 2015 departmental meeting. Over 40 information professionals from more than a dozen sites located in New York City, upstate and Long Island gathered to share the latest developments in our efforts to provide the best possible services to the Touro community.

The meeting began with an ‘ice breaker’ wherein everyone stated what they wanted to be as a child. Many of our librarians originally wanted to be teachers; not surprising, since a large part of what we do is educating patrons on how to get the most out of our resources. But there were many other fascinating careers mentioned; we had budding doctors, lawyers, archaeologists, actors, writers, athletes, architects, police officers, and marine biologists (three, to be exact – and purely by chance, they happened to have sat right next to each other!).  This rich variety of interests clearly gives our libraries a well-rounded staff.


Oh, yes – one or two of our staff did, in fact, want to be librarians when they grew up. (image retrieved from

Highlights at the meeting included the unveiling of the design for our new library web site – look for a fresh new appearance next semester! The culmination of months of effort from a dedicated team, it’s a result that we feel looks vastly better and is much more functional.  We hope our site users all agree!

Library Information Literacy Services Director Sara Tabaei shared feedback provided by our users. Most popular assistance requests included how to write a research paper and proper citation of sources. We were happy to hear that nearly a third of respondents feel our orientations are adequate training for using the libraries. But we’re always ready to help with your needs as they arise.

Our Instructional Design Librarian Cheslea DeGlopper reviewed TCL’s LibGuides. We currently feature 110 guides within 18 broad topics; the next time you are researching an assignment, be sure to take advantage of these awesome resources.

Chelsea and Project Manager Librarian Carrie Levinson also discussed two reference managers, ProQuest Flow, and Mendeley, a free online tool.  These multi-faceted applications allow you to coordinate your research, track your sources, safely store and share your work. They are sure to be invaluable in working smarter, not harder, so check them both out!

Another TCL star rapidly rising is our Instagram account; if you haven’t started following us yet, be sure to check out the awesome images going up daily!

buddy - Copy

Are you the most popular dude on Touro College Libraries’ new Instagram page? You are if your name is Buddy and you have impeccable taste in fine neckwear.


And who’s the mastermind behind our fantastic Instagram account? Why, it’s none other than Project Manager Librarian Carrie Levinson.

The midtown campus’ very own Carol Schapiro was honored with an award as our outstanding blog author – if you haven’t been reading her posts, you owe it to yourself to check them out! But other contributors got honorable mention prizes, so you’ll want to peruse all of our many topics and categories.

Carol Schapiro 003

Midtown Librarian Carol Schapiro dreamed of being one of Diana Ross’ Supremes when she was little – luckily for TCL, she grew up to be our star blogger instead!

Very exciting news came from our Health Sciences program out in Bay Shore, where Chief Librarian Jamie Saragossi and Librarian Laurel Scheinfeld shared how they applied for and received a grant for a 3D printer.  Back in May, Laurel wrote a great blog post about the fascinating potential of additive manufacturing, and since then she and Jamie have taken the initiative to obtain a printer for their site. This will allow for a quantum leap in research technology for students in their health sciences fields, particularly occupational therapy. This is a wonderful illustration of how we strive to be a world-class academic library; thanks to efforts like Jamie’s and Laurel’s, we’re getting it done!

Jamie Saragossi and Laurel Scheinfeld have scored a major win for TCL! 

Finally, we happily welcomed new staff members (Katie Flood and Rachel Oleaga at Bay Shore, and Sharell Walker of the Lander College for Women) and sadly, said goodbye to departing midtown library assistant Victoria Reyz, who has received her MLS and is moving on to new opportunities. Here’s a last-meeting selfie with librarians Toby Krausz and Tova Friedman:

Good Luck Vicky! You’ll be missed.

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