Calling all students on rotations! Evidence is at your Fingertips.

Touro College now has access to an exciting new resource specifically formulated for point of care use!

courtesy of EBSCOhost
courtesy of EBSCOhost

What is DynaMed?

DynaMed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and health care professionals for clinical/point of care use.  DynaMed provides current evidence-based information that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Features of DynaMed Include:

  • Evidence Based Content
  • Easy to read and search format
  • Content updated daily
  • Links to full text articles for further reading
  • Clinical calculators
  • Email alerts when topics change

The editorial team at DynaMed scours over 500 medical journals on an daily basis and evaluate articles for clinical relevance and validity (the process protocols can be found here). If all criteria are met, the new evidence extracted from these articles is integrated into the existing entries, and becomes immediately searchable.

Dynamed search screen
DynaMed home screen


How to use DynaMed:

Searching DynaMed is simple — type a term/symptom/disease in your search bar and allow the information to populate or continue typing and click search. A list of DynaMed summaries should appear based on the search terms used.  You may also browse categories for a more broad approach or browse “spotlight” and “recent updates” sections, in which popular or trending topics are highlighted.

The components of each DynaMed summary are listed on the left hand tool bar. These expandable topics include:

  • General Information (including ICD-9/-10 codes)
  • Causes & Risk Factors
  • Complications & Associated Conditions
  • History
  • Physical
  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Treatment
  • Prevention & Screening
  • References (including reviews & guidelines)
  • Patient Information
  • Acknowledgements
  • Comments to editor


DynaMed entry
DynaMed entry

These summaries can aid in the formulation of diagnosis and treatment options as well as provide related information, links to scholarly articles, ICD codes, and references.

Image courtesy of Flickr, photo credit: NEC Corporation of America
Image courtesy of Flickr, photo credit: NEC Corporation of America

Mobile Friendly!

DynaMed has been specifically formulated for use on mobile devices including tablets and smart phones, and as a Touro College Student, can be accessed from anywhere – be sure to sign up for off campus access in order to use DynaMed on rotations and in the classroom!

DynaMed has also introduced its very own APP for Android/IPhone use.  Watch this quick video about the DynaMed App features and instructions for download

For questions regarding this process, please see the instructions listed here or contact any Touro College Librarian for help!

Contributed by Rachel Oleaga, Assistant Librarian – Bay Shore.


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