Don’t Wait…Evaluate!

Library Survey We understand the end of the semester is a stressful time of year; however, we would like to quickly remind you to take a few moments to give us your feedback! It’s now the time to complete course evaluations for the Fall 2014 semester and the annual library survey.

The new and improved course evaluations are now filled out online and take only a few moments to complete. All evaluations are completely anonymous and the results are only available to faculty after grades have been posted.

These evaluations and surveys are an important outlet to voice your experiences this semester and are a method of continuously improving the classes, programs and library services offered at Touro College.

For Course Evaluations: Please click the link provided and you will be directed to the Touro Portal – once logged in, your course evaluations will be available for completion.

For the Library Survey: Visit our homepage  or go directly to the online survey.  Answer all the questions that are applicable to your use of the library. We are always open to hearing your suggestions and ideas.

The course evaluation and survey can be completed anywhere on campus or off, even on your smartphone or tablet! Visit any Touro College Library or Computer Lab to complete your evaluations and surveys while on campus!

eval request

Contributed by: Rachel Oleaga, Assistant Librarian, Bay Shore.

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