In Celebration of Touro Faculty Authorship

Librarians Carrie Levinson, Sara Tabaei, and Marina Zilberman show off the 2013 Faculty Publications book and this year’s tokens of appreciation, Touro-inscribed mugs.

On December 9, the Touro College Libraries hosted the 4th annual Faculty Author Reception. We are honored to recognize the contributions of our faculty to academic scholarship.  The library publishes an annual book, as well as an online database, listing publications by Touro community members in many fields, including science, medicine, art, literature, and history. Beginning in 2009, the library took the initiative of collecting this wealth of material, and we feel privileged to share it with the world of academic research.

Library staff came to show their support (and help with set-up!) From left: Chelsea DeGlopper, Victoria Reyz, Toby Krausz, Annette Carr, Carol Schapiro, and Jamie Saragossi.

The reception was held at 50 West 23rd Street and was very well attended.  We were honored to have Dr. Mark Hasten, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, address the assemblage.  He spoke about the rich heritage of the Touro College and University System and his long association with the institution.  Rabbi Krupka spoke about the achievements of the Touro scholars and how the Faculty Publications books enhance the prestige of our institution.  Dr. Howard Feldman, an honoree for his academic scholarship, gave a fascinating presentation of some of his research, including an archaeological dig in Israel, complete with maps and artifacts.

Library Assistant Boris Kocherga, pictured with Victory Reyz, was included among this years authors.
Library Assistant Boris Kocherga, pictured with Victoria Reyz, was included among this year’s authors.

Sara Tabaei, Library Information Literacy Services Director, and coordinator of the faculty databases project presented Esther Greenfield with a token of appreciation for all of her efforts overseeing the design and printing of the book.

The library is extremely grateful for the unconditional support that we receive from Dr. Alan Kadish, President and CEO of Touro College and University Systems and Rabbi Moshe Krupa, Senior Vice President.

The mugs were a hit! (ft. Carrie Levinson & Carol Schapiro)

View the full list of Touro authors in the Faculty Publication Database.

Contributed by: Ms. Bashe Simon, Director of Libraries

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