From the Reference Desk: Jewish Business Ethics

(CC image by Orietta.Sberla)

Students often come into the Touro Libraries looking for books and journal articles for their research. They are familiar with the stacks of books and even some of our major databases, but few know about an online research guides that combines information on print and electronic sources into one convenient package. I am talking about our LibGuides. The LibGuides are a collection of research guides on a variety of topics. Recently, one of our LibGuides came in very handy when a student came in looking for information we had on Jewish Business Ethics.

This student was looking for a variety of books and journal articles but also looking for help with Aramaic terms relating to her search. One terrific resource we were able to direct her to was the Jewish Business Ethics LibGuide. This particular LibGuide contains a variety of interesting and helpful resources for anyone looking for more information on the subject. The LibGuide includes links to useful journal databases including RAMBI, Bar Illan Responsa, JSTOR and the Jewish Encyclopedia. These proved useful to her in her search for journal articles.

The LibGuide also contains links to various websites that will aid in research including links on economics and the marketplace as well as links on professional ethics. Whichever way her research took her, there was an interesting source for her. In addition, she was looking for resources written particularly by Rabbi Aaron Levine, a noted scholar in the field. Lucky for her, the Jewish Business Ethics LibGuide contains a whole list of books written by Rabbi Levine and indicated which Touro branch has a copy of each.

Another aspect of her search included finding the meaning of select Aramaic terms used in connection to Jewish Business Ethics. Again, luckily for her, the LibGuide actually contains a list of Jewish Aramaic and Hebrew business terms. This proved to be a very useful tool for her while conducting her research.

The library has an abundance of helpful LibGuides for students, faculty and staff to peruse. They prove to be very helpful for those conducting research in a variety of subjects. If you ever need help accessing or using the LibGuide just pop into your local Touro Library branch and a librarian will be happy to assist you.

Contributed by: Sharell Walker, Librarian, Lander College for Women

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