Exams, papers, classes: Don’t stress! Or maybe you should?!?

Take a few moments and listen to Health Psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s powerful TED Talk.  This 14 minute video could help you re-frame your “stress” mindset, and adjust your reaction to the stresses of student life.


In this talk, McGonigal uses three scientific studies to argue that changing how you think about stress can have a positive impact on your overall health. McGonigal suggests to view stress as a positive force and urges the use of human connection in order to do so. She ultimately concludes, “And so we see [once again] that the harmful effects of stress on your health are not inevitable. How you think and how you act can transform your experience of stress.”

With this new paradigm in mind, visit any Touro College Library for a quiet place to study.  Ask a librarian for help with your research “stresses” and information needs. Meet with a classmate to listen to each other’s experiences and motivate one another, all while you’ll be reducing stress.

Quiet Time - Bay Shore Library. Taken by Rachel Oleaga
Looking for a Quiet Space, try your campus library- Bay Shore Library. Taken by Rachel Oleaga

If you are still feeling overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  There are resources at Touro College that can help you cope.  Contact the Advisement and Counseling Service for both educational and personal assistance.

Skeptical of Kelly McGonigal’s argument?  Review the studies cited in her speech through Touro College Library databases, and share your assessment!

Abiola Keller et al., “Does the perception that stress affects health matter? The association with health and mortality,” Health Psychology, September 2012

Jeremy P. Jamieson et al., “Mind over matter: Reappraising arousal improves cardiovascular and cognitive responses to stress,” Journal of Experimental Psychology, August 2012

Michael J. Poulin et al., “Giving to others and the association between stress and mortality,” American Journal of Public Health, September 2013

Click for more information on Health Psychology in Touro College Library’s resources.

Contributed by: Rachel Oleaga, Assistant Librarian, Bay Shore.

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