Presentations from the LCW Jewish Studies program

"Dead Sea Scroll Scholar Examination" by Habermann, Abraham Meir, 1901- - Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons -
“Dead Sea Scroll Scholar Examination” by Habermann, Abraham Meir, 1901– (CC0 image via Wikimedia Commons)

The LibGuides system has given Touro Libraries a one-stop location to highlight a handful of the best bets for researching a variety of subjects, but it also allows us to provide more in-depth coverage in our areas of expertise.

For example, I have created a series of PowerPoint presentations at the request of Jewish studies Professors for the Lander College for Women’s curriculum. These information-packed slides not only provide a window into a number of LCW course offerings, but also demonstrate the ways in which librarians not only teach how to access information, but take an active role in organizing, interpreting, and creatively fostering knowledge on diverse subjects.

To learn more about these topics in Jewish history, explore our growing collection of presentations by David B. Levy:

  1. Dead Sea Scrolls” as per request of Dr.  Kaplan
  2. The 10 commandments”  as per request of Rabbi Hoenig
  3. King David
    • “David: Poet , Warrior, Musician” as per request of Professor Boylan
    • “Rabbinic Context of David’s wars” as per request of Professor Boylan
  4. Parashat ha-shavua sites and Hagim (The weekly Torah portion and Jewish Festivals)
  5. Psychology and Halakhah (Jewish law)” as per request of Rabbi  Zeilingold
  6. Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook” as per request of Rabbi  Strickman
  7. Rav Yehudah HaLevi” as per request of  Rabbi  Strickman
  8. Religious Zionism“- as per request of  Rabbi Strickman
  9. Sefer Ezra and Nehemiah” as per request of Professor Boylan
  10. The Cairo Geniza”  as per request of  Dr. Kaplan

Beyond diving into some of the topics covered by LCW students in their Jewish studies courses, you can also pick up some research tips. For example, the presentation on King David illustrates the using Hebrew subject headings to find materials in RAMBI, the largest index of academic Hebrew articles, and Biblical maps from Atlas Daat Mikra.

The slides on Sefer Ezra and Sefer Yonah and Ninevah cover how to use timelines, genealogies, maps, art, charts, and archaeological evidence to better understand the Bible in its historical milieu of the ancient context.

Lastly, the presentations on Rav Kook, Rav Yehudah HaLevy, and Religious Zionism, illustrate how to enhance research with primary documents such as letters, photographs, charts, speeches, musical scores, and texts such as those from the Cairo Geniza repository or

For any questions about the materials here or any other topic in Jewish studies, please contact Dr. David B. Levy or Toby Krausz, Judaica Librarian.

Contributed by: David Levy, Librarian, Lander College for Women

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