You’d like to do what, now?

Looking for textbooks?

It’s the beginning of the semester and students are flooding into the library. That’s a very good thing-we’re glad to see our students and show them what we have to offer. After all, we have books, e-books, journals, article databases, multimedia…and sometimes, if they’re very lucky, we may even have a copy of the textbook they need (but only if they’re VERY lucky!). But one question has been popping up as the fresh faces filter in: “Can I rent a textbook?”

Faceplant into my keyboard.

Can I rent a textbook? From a library? Well, that depends. What do you mean by “rent”?

If you mean “create an account with us by having your ID and schedule on hand so we know you’re an actual registered student so you can borrow a book you may be lucky enough to find on our shelves for two weeks and renew it until someone else needs it (but don’t be late returning  it!!)” then the answer is yes, we’d love to help you!

If you mean “My professor put this book on the syllabus for my class so I guess I need it for the semester and I’d buy it but I don’t want it for keeps,” then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you’d like to rent a book (as in money changes hands and it would be yours for the semester but you get to give it back and not have it cluttering up the place when class is over), Touro has an online bookstore where you can do just that. In fact, the bookstore will give you various options for buying or renting. Just go to the Students page of the, and under Campus Details, you will see Bookstore. Clicking on that will get you here:

Book Rental

You also have the option of seeing a list of required books, but click the blue box to go straight to the online bookstore. Select the department, then choose your course from the dropdown menu. Remember to check your schedule for the letters and numbers. Sometimes different professors use different textbooks and you don’t want to order the wrong one!

2014-09-11 16_14_52-Touro Online Bookstore

Press “Save Course” to add all your classes at once, or choose “See the course items” to view the books and the purchase or rental options available. Voila! That is how you rent a textbook.

2014-09-11 16_24_31-Touro Online Bookstore

So the next time a student comes through the doors and says “Someone told me I could rent textbooks? Can I do that here?”, I will repeat the above information–or just smile and refer them to this post.

Contributed by: Toby Krausz, Judaica Librarian, Midtown

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