A Trip to Israel


Hello  everyone,

Last week I went to Israel attending my granddaughter’s wedding in Jerusalem.  While I was there I went sightseeing, and what better place to visit than the library of Touro College in Israel. I called Ms. Aviva Adler, our wonderful librarian in Jerusalem, and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I paid her a visit…

6The Touro College Israel Library was named for Sarah Rebecca Lander, wife of Touro founder Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander, in 2008.

3TCI Librarian Aviva Adler in the computer lab. You can read more about Aviva in her staff profile.

The college is in a lovely building in one of the neighborhoods called “Givat Shaul” in Jerusalem.

2014-07-11 09_47_50-Document4 (Autosaved) - Microsoft Word

The library is not too big, but it is beautifully maintained by Aviva.  She showed me around, and you can see that she takes pride in how the library looks and functions.  There are seven computers, and a nice amount of books.

5The library is very well used, and Aviva is so helpful and takes such good care of her students. You can do all types of research there.

8The Touro College Israel biology lab.

I spent a very enjoyable morning there, and will definitely put it on my itinerary when I go again. It was a very nice experience.

Contributed by Rita Hilu, Library Assistant, Starret City

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