Sometimes You Have to Go Old School: In Praise of Print Journals

I love a good e-Journal.  It’s the best thing since sliced bread.  (I know.  I said the same thing about Wikipedia.  Call me fickle.)  There is nothing that matches the instantaneous acquisition of information.  (Gee.  I have SO much research to do.  Click. Click. Click. OK, I’m done now.)  But sometimes, an e-Journal just won’t do you justice.  Here’s why…

Let’s say you are looking for Torah U-Madda Journal for 2013.  You go to the e-Journal tab on our home page, type in the title, and hit search.  You will find that the database JSTOR Complete has this journal from 01/01/1989 to 01/31/2008. ejournals

What, no 2013?  No problem.  If you then go to our catalog (the “Books and More” tab) and search for the journal, you will find this record.torah

Click on the title to discover which locations own the print journal from the date you need.  torah journal

The Torah U-Madda Journal from 2013 can be found at Kew Gardens Hills, the Women’s Building (the Lander Colleges for Men and Women, respectively) and Miami Beach.  Yo, print journal, u madda to me!

We have many print journals, and have them specifically because they are unavailable in our databases.  For example, Reform Judaism returns no results as an ejournal.reform1

However, when you search that title in the catalog you will find this:reform2

Clicking on the title of the publication will reveal where it is located.reform3

When you need an article from this journal, you can visit the print volume to photocopy it, or if you are not at Midtown, ask your librarian to request it from us.  We will be glad to provide it for you.

The moral of this story is if you can’t find the title you need as an ejournal, don’t forget about old school print. Search for your title in the catalog, and you might be pleasantly surprised!



Contributed by: Carol Schapiro, Librarian, Midtown Library