Library Staff Profile: LCW Librarian Dr. David B. Levy

Wmns bldng skylight 2008 10 03 020 - CopyDavid B Levy, librarian at Lander College for Women, loves serving LCW students, whom he believes possess great derekh eretz (manners), middot tovot (character traits), and pleasantness. David cherishes Torah lishma (learning for its own sake), as described in the TC Philosophy of Education LibGuide.

David loves reading in a host of areas. Particular strengths include Jewish studies and science. David’s expertise is reflected in his comprehensive collection of LibGuides, which particularly represent the curriculum at LCW. In the spirit of the Rambam, David values the redemptive cognitive life of the mind (nous/sekel ha-poel), searching for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge by finding, in great books and the oral traditions, teachings (musar) that can better the soul with regards to the quest for intellectual, moral, and spiritual virtues.

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A particular love of David’s is Judaica Librarianship as represented in his published papers and presentations, on topics such as:

Forthcoming, David will be publishing a history of Jewish Medieval Archives and “libraries” in the Association of Jewish Libraries 2013 Houston Proceedings. On June 24th, 2014 David is scheduled to deliver a lecture on Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan’s work, “Laws of the Prohibition of Slander” and online Netiquette. Several of David’s publications can be also be found in the Touro Faculty Publications Database.

If David can be of assistance to your research needs, please do not hesitate to call the LCW library at 212-287-3530, where all the librarians on call possess a great customer service ethic and will be happy to help if they can. Our raison d’etre as librarians in part is to help patrons “fish for a lifetime” rather than just “put fish on a platter” i.e. gain the skills to make them more research literate, as well as glimpsing the big picture of our mission to promote love of learning in all academic disciplines, educational success, and Torah lishma.

All photos © Philip Papas

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