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Are you a faculty member looking for learning exercises to enhance a course you are teaching?  Well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.  There are thousands of resources on hundreds of subjects at your fingertips on MERLOT II.


image from MERLOT II website

MERLOT II is one of the internet resources featured on Touro Libraries’ Education LibGuideLibGuides are Research Guides compiled by your Touro Librarians.  They include research assistance, subject guides, and useful resources on many different topics.

MERLOT II is a free and open peer-reviewed collection of online teaching and learning materials. Most of the material is college level, but also includes content for elementary grades through continuing education programs.  It is a program of the California State University system.  MERLOT has been available since 1997, but in October 2013 it was upgraded and enhanced in order to make it more functional and user-friendly.

The MERLOT Collection includes more than 40,000 items.  MERLOT does not store the actual learning content on its site, but rather a detailed description of each item and a link to its source.   You can use the materials in your course; however, it is important to review and abide by the Creative Commons or copyright stated on the review page.  You can browse or search all of the learning materials.  All learning materials have been submitted by members of the MERLOT community.  Membership is free and open to all.  Nineteen different types of learning materials are available and they include assignments, assessment tools, open textbooks, animations, case studies, presentations, tutorials and more.  All of the material in MERLOT is reviewed and many undergo a more extensive peer review.

To give you a taste of what you will find on MERLOT II, here are a few items to preview:

The DNA Learning Center

“DNA from the Beginning” is an animated tutorial on DNA, genes and heredity from the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

image from PBS website

“Misunderstood minds” from PBS provides an interactive simulation of what it is like to have a deficit in writing, reading, math or attention.

image from Stat2Labs website

“Stat2Labs” from Dr. Shonda Kuiper includes guided interdisciplinary labs for statistics courses. 

This is just a tiny sample of the content that you can discover through MERLOT II.  Let us know what other useful learning enhancement materials you find with MERLOT.