Library Staff Profile: Jerusalem Librarian Aviva Adler

Touro College in Israel (TCI) is “home away from home” for students who are spending their gap year(s) between high school and college living in Israel and learning Torah in seminary or yeshiva, and for older married students who live and learn in Israel. TCI’s facility in Jerusalem is comprised of classrooms, a state-of-the-art biology lab, a fully-equipped computer lab, and the heart of the school: a comfortable library / reading room with access to Touro College’s comprehensive virtual resources.

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TCI students have the best of both worlds during their time in Israel, combining religious studies with touring and “Touro-ing” – pursuing their college careers by taking Touro courses in Israel. TCI offers required undergraduate core courses, many electives, and online courses via Blackboard. American students in Israel can earn up to half the credits towards their degrees, which they complete in NY.


Librarian Aviva Adler (MLIS, Simmons College Graduate School of Library & Information Science) is a recent immigrant to Israel, and shares with the students the excitement of being here – in Jerusalem!


Supported by all the library staff in New York, Aviva works “solo” in Israel, so her background in technical services as a serials and monograph cataloger (Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as well as in public services as a reference, research, and instructional librarian (in academic, public, and special libraries) helps her multitask to single-handedly perform all aspects of her job. Buying and processing books, assisting students with reference and research requests, teaching information literacy classes, and being a “friendly face from home” make working at TCI varied, interesting, and fulfilling.


Israel’s national bird, the Duchifat (Hebrew), also called the “Hoopoe” in English

Aviva is a musician who formerly played tenor sax in a jazz band, and studied composition and arranging at the Berklee (Boston) College of Music. Returning to her classical roots, she now plays chamber music (flute), and performs with Ashira, a women’s choir. A novice bird watcher, she is compiling an amateur’s guide to Birds of Beit Shemesh, wrote a Quarry Lake Field Guide for Baltimore birders, and looks forward to witnessing the spring and fall migrations of birds from Africa, Asia and Europe over the Hula Valley in the north of Israel. In her spare time, she transcribes historical interviews for the Faith & Fate documentaries produced by Rabbi Berel Wein’s Destiny Foundation, and studies Hebrew.

QUARRY LAKE FIELD GUIDE updated May 2011 - jpg

When you’re in Israel, be sure to stop by and say “hello!”


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