Though you were always crazy about books, you never could take home more than 5 of them because they are heavy and you are already schlepping so much other stuff with you anyway. With e-books booming these days this dire book-situation can change.  E-books can be downloaded and read not only on desktops but on many electronic devices, such as a tablet or an iPhone.  This means that you can carry hundreds of them with you anywhere. In fact now you can go crazy with e-books.

The Touro College library has currently over 250,000 e-books, and our collection is growing every year.  We have e-books in a wide variety of scholarly disciplines.  Many of our e-books are leased so that multiple users can check out a particular book, if needed. The best thing about e-books is that you will never pay for a late fee again.

In order to check out our e-books collection, you can directly go to the eBooks Databases link on the library website (shown below). You can also search for individual titles in the Library catalog (also shown below).


One of the biggest e-book vendors in academic subjects is ebrary.  The eBook databases page takes you to ebrary directly. Once there, you can search for books in many different ways.


You can search by the title of a book or by keyword.  You can also browse the academic subjects and start your research from there.

Click on Google Play or App Store to download a reading app so you can read your e-book on your commute.

Go to View Quick Start Guide for tips on conducting a search, exploring an e-book, highlighting and taking notes, copying and pasting text, emailing chapters to yourself, and even sharing your research with your colleagues and classmates.  Note: you need to open a free ebrary account to keep your notes for the next session. 

Additionally, you can find free e-books from children’s fiction to humor on the Gutenberg Project at www.gutenberg.org.  And if you are a member at your public library (and why shouldn’t you be!) whether in New York City, Long Island, or Hawaii make sure you check out their vast e-book collections as well. And never carry a heavy bag of books again!

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