Times Are Booming at Touro

Times Are Booming at Touro

“The college has flourished under the stewardship of Dr. Alan Kadish.  What Touro has accomplished in the last 40 years borders on the edge of magic.”  In this interview with Touro’s president Alan Kadish in Long Island Jewish World, one of the subjects that President Kadish highlights is Touro’s interest in research.  He gives several examples of research initiatives.  He states that bringing New York Medical College into the Touro System in 2011 was in part because of NYMC’s strong research efforts.  He also mentions several high-profile grants that Touro has received recently for research studies and he mentions a new research task force that has been created to increase collaboration between Touro’s scientists and biomedical researchers.

As research efforts increase, Touro College Libraries stand ready and pleased to promote the important research that is being done here.  Touro’s Faculty Publications Database, created by Touro Library staff three years ago, now contains over 2300 citations.  You can browse and discover all the fascinating research being done by our Faculty.  Go to http://www.tourolib.org/resources/faculty-publications for access to the Faculty Publications Database as well as our three annual Faculty Publications books.

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