Happy Passover

Seder foods (Image courtesy of Wikimedia user Jonathunder)

Seder foods
(Image courtesy of Wikimedia user Jonathunder)

Passover is the one Holiday besides the New Year which is celebrated by a majority of all Jews from around the globe. The preparations for this Holiday very often drive people nuts.  The commandment is not to have any leavened product in your home during this 8 day period; this means that the house must be cleared of bread and all other such foodstuffs. And that’s on top of cleaning and cooking in preparation for the family gathering. Especially with small children in the household, it’s not hard to see why people get a little crazy at this time of year!   Continue reading

Library Orientations Go Global

Dean Boylan (left) in Moscow in 1990 for the opening of the Lander Institute.

Dean Boylan (left) in Moscow in 1990 for the opening of the Lander Institute.

Great news! Touro College Libraries’ orientation program has gone global! For the first time, we were invited to present our library resources via video conferencing to our Lander Institute in Moscow, Russia. The presentation was given in both Russian and English. (Did you know? We have many multi-lingual library staff!) Continue reading

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The TCL Time Machine: Stepping Up to the Plate

In the spring of 1975, Touro College saw its first class of 41 men graduate.  That fall, as the young school entered its fifth year, designs were submitted for custom bookplates to be used in the steadily growing library. Rough sketches found in the Touro Archives show some of the designs that did not make the cut:

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We’ll need a bigger trophy case!

Faculty from the Occupational Therapy program at Touro College are making headlines and receiving awards from several different Occupational Therapy associations for their stellar work in the field.

left to right, are award winners Assistant Professor Pat Precin, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Griffin Lannigan, and Beth Chiariello, Associate Director of the School’s Manhattan-based OT program

Photo credit- Jewish Voice http://jewishvoiceny.com

Pictured above are award-winning faculty members. From left to right, Assistant Professor Pat Precin, Assistant Professor Elizabeth Griffin Lannigan, and Beth Chiariello, Associate Director of the School’s Manhattan-based OT program.

The role of an occupational therapist is to improve the quality of life for those they are assisting.  Some of the OT and OTA Professors at Touro are not only impacting the students they work with on a daily basis but they are making breakthroughs in the field of occupational therapy through their research and practice.  The new precedents and programs that are being established will ultimately have a lasting positive effect and their work will touch the lives of many people they will never even meet.

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The Library Welcomes Alumni Users

Even after you graduate, you are still a part of the Touro College community.

Touro College Libraries will continue to support our alumni in their pursuit for research and professional development!

tcl alumni portal logo

The library provides Touro College alumni access to a number of electronic resources, including e-book databases with thousands of popular titles, leading databases for scholarly articles in many subject areas as well as several Judaica resources. http://www.tourolib.org/alumni.

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The TCL Time Machine: A Piece of Dr. Alan Kadish’s Past, Discovered in the Touro College Archives

523616_10150650234268123_635652698_nThe personal Judaica collection of Touro College’s founder and long-standing first President, Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander, is available for all to use at the Lander College for Men in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens.

Shortly after the passing of Touro College founder and long-time President Rabbi Dr. Bernard Lander, of blessed memory, the Touro College Libraries were privileged to receive his personal library as a donation from the Lander family. His Judaica books were cataloged and given their rightful place of honor at the Lander College for Men.

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Library Staff Profile: Touro College South Librarian Joana C. Fernandez

JoanaTouro largeAs far back as I can remember, I have wanted to live surrounded by books. Reading at my grandmother’s was a frequent noon pleasure during my childhood in Cuba. That is probably why I was not disappointed at all when I found out that on the admission tests required to access the University there, I was assigned to the School of Librarianship and Information Sciences.

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Library Staff Profile: Judaica Cataloging Librarian Leiba Rimler

picWith its many campuses, Touro College is fortunate to have a large staff of highly skilled information specialists to assist students at its libraries. Our dedicated professionals play a crucial role in students’ academic success, responding to their reference inquiries and guiding them in the use of the libraries’ ample electronic resources.

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Google Scholar

image from Wikimedia commons

Google Scholar is a free academic search service that scours the internet for scholarly content in all disciplines.  It has become very popular with researchers and students probably for several reasons; it is free, it requires no subscription or password to access, it covers academic disciplines that are not covered in other free products like PubMed, and it includes content from academic websites and institutional repositories like preprints and theses that are not typically included in databases of peer-reviewed journal articles.

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New Interface for Scopus’ 10th Anniversary


image from Elsevier library marketing toolkit

Scopus is a large abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature in science, technology, medicine, social sciences and Arts & Humanities.  It is made available to Touro faculty, staff and students through a Touro Library subscription.   Scopus recently released a new interface which has streamlined the steps for the most common uses of the database.  The Scopus 10thanniversary release went live on February 1.

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Don’t worry about rewinding!

Touro College Libraries provides access to several streaming video databases.

List of video databases available at www.tourolib.org

List of video databases available at http://www.tourolib.org

The videos available through the databases can be viewed online and shared with classmates, colleagues or students.  You can create playlists with clips from several different titles to help visually illustrate your point, emphasize something that was discussed in class or give a really interesting presentation!

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The TCL Time Machine: Touro’s First Library (Part 2 of 2)

Touro College quickly built a solid foundation after admitting its charter class of 35 students in 1971.  The first graduates received their diplomas in 1975, and the school continued to grow and flourish, slowly but surely.  The library was then manned by a staff of five, including Touro’s first Director of Libraries, Max Celnick, two assistant librarians, and two library aides.

spring 1976 Library Guide

A Guide to the Touro Library, 1976

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